Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The difficulties of management

I have a heart for those nurses who have decided to move to administrative work. This is such a difficult area of work. Especially for those of us that moved from "peers" to "managers" the transition is rough. I am so thankful for the supervisors that manage the day to day work of our agency. I struggle with how to support them as they discover the realities of managing a division. I know that they were excellent PHNs but now their skill set has to be a different one. It's a struggle and I thought I would share that here so that if you are reading and believing that this is an easy's not. I still struggle myself. That's life isn't it?

If you are in that place right now take some time to examine the best things about your day. Who are you helping? Who are your "patients" now? Are you really viewing all the good work you do in a day and projecting that to a healthier and happier community around you? Try not to lose sight of the fact that you are still a valuable part of the nursing community even though your role has changed. Courage!

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