Thursday, May 27, 2010

Public Health...boring???

Usually nurses that think public health is boring are imagining endless paperwork and government regulations. I love all kinds of nursing, but nothing beats public health nursing. What's exciting? Try face to face with your clients. Knocking on the door of that new Mother for the first time and wondering how the journey will unfold. Visiting a local head start and watching the kid's faces light up to see their "nurse". Helping the emerging language learner connect with vital services in the community. Deciding what your community needs for better health and then having the autonomy to plan and implement a program at the grassroots level. Watching the community in your care stop smoking, drive safer, put their babies to sleep safely, avoid disease, eat better and on and on!

The most gratifying and terrifying moments in my nursing career have most definitely been during my career in public health! Boring Schmoring....get with it!