Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Ready for a Job Interview?

I went out this morning with my Health Officer Karen to discuss the process of interviewing for a new job. The audience was a group of final semester BSN students ready to launch into the world of nursing. Karen did a great job of sharing what makes a GREAT impression in an interview. The high points were:
Do a little self-reflection and realize which talents will equip you for the RIGHT nursing career.
Dress professionally
Bring a (brief) portfolio tailored to what makes YOU right for the job
Be positive about your past job experiences
Answer the questions honestly
Realize that even if you do everything correctly you may not win the job. In that case...follow up! You may have another shot at it in the future!

I added my own insights from past interviews. Namely:
Leave any discussion of benefits, vacation, time off, etc. Until AFTER you have an offer on the table
Learn how to shake hands (manager tools has a great podcast on this here), and introduce yourself. Be enthusiastic and energetic!

Hopefully we spoke to some future public health nurses in the room!

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